Learn How to Play Croquet

We offer introductory coaching and extra lessons in a relaxed atmosphere. There is always someone to assist.

Mallets are available for lessons and no other equipment is required.

Also, social groups who wish to experience the game of croquet are encouraged to attend.

People of all ages are discovering that Croquet is a stimulating way to participate in healthy exercise, have fun and make friends all at the same time!

Much like chess and snooker, in Croquet players must use tactical thinking and forward-planning to win the game.

• Croquet is a game of skill, judgement and tactical ability.
• Croquet is for people of all ages.
• Croquet is played on equal terms by men and women all year round.

Come and see for yourself and have a go with the Tea Tree Gully Croquet Club.

Learn to play. For $20 have five coaching sessions. It’s a great way to start your Croquet journey!


Tea Tree Gully Croquet Club is affiliated with Croquet Australia and Croquet SA and abides by their rules.

There are Croquet SA Policies of which members must be aware such as:

  • Harassment Free Sport
  • ACA Member Protection Policy which incorporates Child Protection and Anti-Doping
  • Anti Discrimination

Other policies are:

  • Occupational Health, Safety and Welfare
  • Risk Management.

All Policies can be read and are available at the Club House.